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Our Bengals

Our Bengal program produces charcoal, melanistic, charcoal snow, snow lynx, sepia, mink, silver, and silver charcoal. We raise SBT Bengals that are considered to be four generations away from their wild ancestor, the Asian Leopard Cat. Our Bengals are TICA registered. We strive to produce wild spotting and rosettes. Our Bengal kittens are full of life, entertaining, and super sweet.



They whisper when they walk. They are graceful and move effortlessly. The Bengal's slick, tight pelt is breathtakingly beautiful. Their markings are always very unique and one of a kind, you will never see two with the same pattern.

Forest Road
The pelt

One of our favorite colors has to be the charcoal and the melanistic Bengal. Their coat is a very rare slick, tight pelt. Their green or gold eyes are strikingly beautiful against their dark patterned coat.

Foggy Forest

The charcoal snow Bengal

The pelt of a charcoal snow is such an unusual coloring. We never have two that are exactly alike. The charcoal gene is carried down from their ancestor, the Asian Leopard Cat.

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