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Our Pixiebobs

The Pixiebob is a domestic breed of cat that is derived from the naturally occurring North American Bobcat and domestic cat breedings. They are known as a Legend cat since there is no DNA proof of this wild blood existing. We have been breeding this Legend cat for over 20 years now. They are the most unique and intriguing breed in the world. Their demeanor is very dog-like and mild mannered. Many will play fetch, walk on a leash, and go for car rides. Our program produces the thick, brown spotted bobcat coat. On a small scale, we have produced some rare colors which include slate gray, melanistic, and snow. These colors, however, are not the standard, but they do exist in the genetics of some of the Pixiebob bloodlines. We find them to be unique and equally beautiful.


This breed makes an awesome traveling companion. Many of our customers have taken our Pixiebobs on long road trips. We refer to the Pixiebob as ''Mans Next Best friend''. 


The Pixiebob


A few attributes of this amazing breed


      Loyal, compassionate, devoted, wild exotic looks, and an awesome       companion that is very dog-like in                               nature.

Trees and Mountains

Pixiebob Features

To us, the face of the Pixiebob is like none other. The flat eye, heavy brow, strong chin, muzzle, tuffs on the sides of their face, eartips, thick spotted bobcat coat, solid bone structure, and the natural short tail, are all characteristics of this beautiful Legend cat. 

Misty Forest

Rare melanistic Pixiebobs..

Every so often we will get the melanistic coloring in a Pixiebob. They are definitely uncommon.  The black spotting on the undercoat is really beautiful to see in the natural sunlight. We are committed to preserving this unique coloring which has appeared in our breeding program through the years.

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