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Our PixieBob

The Pixiebob is a dog like breed that will go for car rides, walk on a leash, and will even go out in the kayak! Our children have trained our pixiebob’s to go out on adventures with us in our UTV. Samoset, our beloved Pixiebob, has attended many adventures with us. He has also visited hospital care centers and nursing homes. We like to refer to the Pixiebob as ‘’Mans next best friend’’. 


A TRUE LEGEND, loyal, compassionate, devoted, exotic wild looks, and an awesome companion.

We are proud of our lineage of cats at Warcloud - each cat has a personality that sets them apart from any other - from how they are raised to their disposition. 

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   Kittens We Have

Our Breeding Program

Produced In


...the offspring of naturally occurring bobcat hybrids

PixieBob Features

The face of the Pixiebob is like none other to us. The flat eye, heavy brow, strong chin,  muzzle, tuffs on the sides of their face and their ear tips, are all characteristics of this beautiful legend cat.

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