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Our Snowbob

Our Snowbob program comes down from Tennessee Legend Cat lines from Indy and IceMan of WillowTree Pixiebobs. Our program has maintained this wonderful breed for over 20 years. Our Snowbobs carry snow genetics from other rare Legend Cat crosses of the wild Junglecat,  the Junglebob, and a very large snow Bengal, named Avalanche. We are the only breeder that has true Legend Cat Snowbobs. The Snowbobs eye color is always a variant of blue or green. This breed is born with a natural short tail, and with or without polydactyl feet. Their temperament is very doglike and loyal. They are a very intelligent breed. 



This is another breed that makes an awesome traveling companion. They are easily leash trained and will enjoy any outdoor adventure. 

Foggy Mountains

Snow Pelt

This intelligent breed comes in a variety of snow colors. The snow lynx, sepia, and snow mink are all gorgeous variations of the Snowbob's coat. Some are solid white and others are heavily spotted. This spotting can be mixed in with some ticking.

Our Legend Cat

IceMan, the Legend Cat that is the foundation of our Snowbobs. He has sired many gorgeous Snowbobs in our program. His lines are maintained through Abominable.

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