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WarCloud Cats and Kittens
Many of our kittens are placed before they ever reach our website so you are looking for a WarCloud kitten please call to reserve.

WarCloud Cats

Warcloud Cats: We are a small family owned hobby breeder that breeds the Pixiebob, Snowbob-Junglebob, and the Bengal. Although we have downsized through the years, we find it very important to maintain the bloodlines of these beautiful cats. We believe there is an exotic, wild look that needs to be maintained and carried on for people to enjoy. 

All of our cats and kittens are raised up in our home and are a major part of our daily activities. We love what we do and we like to make it a priority to fit our customers with the appropriate kitten. We believe it is a commitment and a life long companion.

Our Cats


WarCloud Cats

Warcloud Cats: At Warcloud, emphasis is placed on breeding healthy and well-tempered kittens. Our Pixiebobs and Bengals are TICA registered and have the uncommon looks of the North American Bobcat and the Asain Leopard Cat. Our Snowbob line comes down from 30 years of breeding legend cats that have snow genetics. We strive to maintain the wild look!

The smallest feline is a masterpiece

Leonardo Da Vinci

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We love to talk to our customers. Please feel free to pick up the phone and call us. We pride ourselves in every little life that leaves our home.

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