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Our Bengals

Our bengal program has leaned more toward the charcoal, charcoal snow, and silver.  Occasionally we will have a snow bengal or brown spotted bengal also. We also love the higher generation bengals that lean closer to the asian leopard cat.  Bengals are high energy, love to be up high, and are FULL of LIFE. Jumanji, our f2 bengal boy, is on the cover of Purina’s food bag called True Nature. His alluring , sleek posture and stunning green eyes helped him make the cover!


About Us


 They whisper when they walk. They are graceful and move effortlessly. The Bengal’s slick, tight pelt is breathtakingly beautiful. Their markings are always very unique and one of a kind, you will never see two with the same pattern.


We are proud of our lineage of cats at Warcloud - each cat has a personality that sets them apart from any other - from how they are raised to their disposition. 

Volt-Volt-Charcoal-Bengal-DSC01028 (3).jpg

The Asian leopard cat and the Egyptian Mau, gives them their shimmer


The charcoal Bengal portrays a black leopard. Their coat is rare and also very unique. Their green or gold eyes are stunningly beautiful against their dark patterned coat.

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