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Our SnowBobs

Our Snowbob program comes down from TN legend cat lines from Indy and IceMan of Willowtree Pixiebob’s. The cat above, whose name is Tomahawk, is a wild Jungle cat. He is also the legend cat to our Snowbob/Junglebob lines. We have maintained genetics from Tomahawk, Durango, and Montana. All three of these Jungle cats have provided an awesome foundation for our Snowbob/Junglebob program. Avalanche, who was a wild looking snow marble Bengal, has also contributed to size and wild looks in our lines. The Snowbob is captivating and we will strive to keep these wild, unique lines in existence.



The Snowbob, is the wild looks of a Pixiebob/Junglebob that is maintained in the gorgeous snow color. Snow Pixiebobs are rare, but they have been maintained through our program.



                The Legend Cat

       That Produced Our Line Of


We are proud of our lineage of cats at Warcloud - each cat has a personality that sets them apart from any other - from how they are raised to their disposition. 


Our Snowbobs carry the genetics from the rare snow Pixiebob, wild JungleCat and large Snow Bengal.


Yukon, who is the Snowbob in the bottom picture, is the offspring of Indie and IceMan. He has sired many gorgeous Snowbob’s in our program. His lines are maintained through Abominable.

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